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To ensure a right mix of wildlife and care, comfort and adventure, personal likes and passion, with no surprises and no hidden costs in an exotic package called India.
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About International Ventures and Travel USA Inc.

Welcome to our world of private luxury travel...

Luxury Travel by International Ventures and Travel USA Inc. is specifically designed for those whose prime aim when traveling is to experience the very best. Not content with the mundane or second best, you actively seek out the ultimate in accommodation and want personalized service in every aspect of your travel. Luxury Travel is as far away from the packaged group tours as the sublime is from the ridiculous – Luxury Travel does cater to the ridiculous but as long as it is ridiculously luxurious.

At International Ventures and Travel USA Inc., quality is non-negotiable and nothing but luxury is acceptable - that's our brand promise!

Consider this an invitation to try an entirely different way of traveling. Think of our luxury tours as experiences rather than vacations -- opportunities to step beyond the narrow confines of the well-traveled tourist circuit to feel the real pulse of a country. Immerse yourself in new experiences and cultures, and come away inspired by what you have seen and satisfied that everything was exactly as you wanted it. Take the trip you have always dreamed of taking. We would not forget the main focus which is luxury so the hotels and vehicles will be chosen accordingly thus giving you safe and comfortable journey to an immensely comfortable night at the next destination.
Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh National Park
On any of our custom-designed journeys, knowledgeable travel specialists are available from the moment you begin thinking about where you want to go until your trip concludes. Before you leave, you will work closely with one of our experts to design an absolutely perfect itinerary that includes compelling, well-planned touring and the very best accommodations. We have spent the better part of our career traveling, and we continue to travel in order to stay current on the latest attractions, restaurants, and hotels, so you may be rest assured that our advice and recommendations are based on our own first-hand experience. We spend an extraordinary amount of time with all of our prospective guests, learning about you and your interests so that we can create the most enjoyable travel experience possible. We truly welcome an opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and passion for travel with you.

To assist and accompany you on your trip, International Ventures and Travel USA Inc. uses local guides who know each destination as only a resident can. Our guides are smart, dynamic, and personable, and they appreciate the genuine curiosity and keen intelligence of IVAT GUESTS. Guides conduct all touring to our careful specifications, and are pleased to suggest alterations to your itinerary during your trip to satisfy your personal interests and requests. Flexible private touring allows you to take advantage of chance encounters and serendipitous moments, so you can follow new interests as your knowledge of a destination grows and develops. Unlike a group tour, there is no fixed agenda: the guide is yours exclusively and the suggested itinerary can be altered as you wish.
Nature Heritage Resort, Bandhavgarh National Park
Because we understand that comfort is key, we include deluxe & luxury accommodation in all itineraries. The properties we choose are so luxurious that it is a pleasure to return to them each evening, because we know that relaxation is an important component of any good vacation. Whether you want a cozy bed and breakfast or a chic downtown hotel, we have a recommendation to suit your preferences. As a IVAT GUEST, you are also entitled to exclusive upgrades and amenities at many of the properties we use. And do not be surprised if an unexpected gift or small keepsake greets you upon arrival in a new city / country – we do everything we can to make you feel special on your journey.

Finally, we have associate offices in each city / country to ensure a seamless experience. If you need anything while traveling, you will always have a contact on location to handle your request. No Domestic or international communication or overseas calls are necessary, because our on-site office will see that your needs are met smoothly and efficiently. Moreover we provide 24 hour connectivity to you so that you can be in touch with not only us but your loved ones back home while traveling.

We can afford to be so confident in the quality of our service because we have a sincere commitment to what we do and we know that we are the best. We have a sterling reputation in the travel industry that has been earned through years of hard work and undivided focus on satisfying travelers. Most important, we have a passion for travel that is evident from the trips we create with such care. I invite you to explore the endless possibilities of International Ventures and Travel journey; welcome to our world of exclusive luxury travel – be a IVAT GUEST

Tell us how you want your vacation planned. Themes, destinations, activities, any specific requirements, something we forgot to mention or something you’d like to change ..anything. Just fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with a custom made travel plan and price .. and we won’t keep you waiting !
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