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To ensure a right mix of wildlife and care, comfort and adventure, personal likes and passion, with no surprises and no hidden costs in an exotic package called India.
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Signature Expeditions - INDIA

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition."

Elephant Safari,Wildlife Trips IndiaUnsurpassed nature travel expeditions are our signature and available to you on any of our excellent small-group programs. Our Signature Expeditions are specifically designed to address all issues associated with responsible tourism as well as your utmost security and enjoyment. We have identified the richest natural history destinations and carefully developed itineraries that maximize wildlife, and cultural experiences for you. Surrounded by Earth's most spectacular natural wonders, the accommodations offered by Wildlife Trip are truly unrivaled. Our destinations are hand selected based on their strong natural history content and the presence of an appropriate infrastructure, ensuring maximum exposure to wildlife. Each program embraces a broad spectrum of natural and cultural components.

We closely manage the quality of service, accommodations, meals, transportation and naturalist guides to ensure the best possible experience for our passengers. A team of skilled naturalists and travel professionals who help to ensure quality trip planning and execution supports each destination. Members of each team have traveled to each destination, gaining firsthand knowledge of the wildlife, culture, logistics, accommodations, etc. Our in-house travel agency is staffed with qualified and efficient Airline Consultants who assist with flight reservations and ticketing. All passengers are provided with informational booklets complete with extensive pre-departure information. Your Destination Consultant will arrange for you to be met upon arrival by an IE partner who will assist with your luggage, transfers and hotel check-ins. For individuals and family groups wishing to concentrate on specific activities such as scuba diving or hiking, our Customized Independent Travel Department can personalize any of our travel experiences to meet your needs.

Earth's most spectacular natural wonders will surround you in one of our classic nineteenth-century-style Amazon riverboats, our gallant sailing ships which chart the waters from Bali to Komodo, a Spanish Colonial inn set amidst the Andean highlands, or a cloud forest-view suite of Costa Rica's Monteverde Inn. From the tropical ambiance of our rainforest lodges to luxury-tented camps on the African savannahs, the accommodations offered by Wildlife Trip are truly unrivaled. Your travel to exotic destinations will be a simple pleasure with the reassurance of our close management of your nature expedition.

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