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To ensure a right mix of wildlife and care, comfort and adventure, personal likes and passion, with no surprises and no hidden costs in an exotic package called India.
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About Tiger Photography!
Want to capture many such extraordinary moments in Indian Wildlife ! Photograph a Tiger in ambush - about to make a kill of some unsuspecting prey or Rhino hidden in tall grass not liking your presence while you are enjoying your Elephant Safari.

Enjoy luxury stay in wildlife resorts. Quintessential resorts, finest accommodation with open facades so that guests in bed have uninterrupted view of the forest. Come experience a life of both pleasure and adventure, of elemental living in an extraordinary place.

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Welcome to Indian Wildlife Tours!!

International Ventures and Travel USA Inc. ( In India : International Ventures and Travel India (P) Limited) specialize in tailor made safaris to see and photograph tigers, Lions, Birds, leopard and other nature and wildlife tours in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

For last 35+ years, we have created and operated a diverse range of experiences for independent travellers and storied institutions such as American Museum of Natural History, Asia Society, Asian Art Museum, Association of Yale Alumni, California Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution and More..

India is truly incredible, It is heaven on earth for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. With a civilization more than 5,000 years old, with five seasons every year, with a festival every day, with incredible variety of terrain including beaches on its 7516 km coastline, with its 89 National Parks and 488 Wildlife Sanctuaries,

26 amazing World Heritage Sites, 13 Ramsar Sites ( plus Six New ) and 13 Biosphere Reserves, India is indeed a paradise. In addition to its birdsand animals, India also boasts of over 20,000 species of insects, 2,000 species of butterfly, 142 species of frogs and over 700 species of fish.

With so much to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start planning a trip ! Our nature tours are specifically designed to address all issues associated with responsible tourism as well as your utmost security and enjoyment. We are one of the first company in India to operate customized and personalized authentic wildlife trips all over India and Nepal. We have identified the richest natural history destinations and carefully developed itineraries that maximize wildlife and cultural experiences for you. We have brought together selection of the finest natural history, cultural and and adventure tours and trips available in Northern and Central India with a few special tours from other parts of India like north east and south India .

Wildlife Photographic Trips
Wildlife Photographic Trips
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Luxury Wildlife Experience
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Family Wildlife Holidays
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Culture, Heritage & Wildlife
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Rhinos & Tigers
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Tigers & Birding Trips
Tigers & Birding Trips
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Customised Wildlife Adventure
Customised Wildlife Adventure
It would be a pleasure to work out itineraries made specific to ... Wildlife Trip

Surrounded by Earth's most spectacular natural wonders, the accommodations offered by International Ventures and Travel USA Inc. are truly unrivaled. International Ventures and Travel USA Inc. creates tailor-made itineraries at affordable prices for individuals, couples and small groups. Our India wildlife tours are designed for people with a genuine interest in wildlife who wish to stay in key wildlife locations and have time for observing and perhaps photographing mammals and birds. We try to design itineraries that are more moderately-paced than most. Where the itinerary permits, we give time to soak up a view or the ambience of the location, experience the local culture and enjoy some private bird watching or photography - or simply to relax. Walks are usually at an extremely leisurely pace with frequent stops to look for birds and other wildlife. You can even walk to a village in the middle of the forest and have some hot tea with a ranger of the park.

Why a wildlife tours to India ?
The incredible riches of Indian Wildlife, which compare favorably with African fauna, are perhaps not sufficiently realized. India is one of the 12 megadiversity countries. Over 1200 species of birds comprising at least 13 % of the world's birds are found in India. If you want to capture many such extraordinary birding moments come to India now. You can also enjoy luxury stay in quintessential resorts, finest accommodation with open facades so that guests in bed have uninterrupted view of the forest. Come, experience a life of both pleasure and adventure, of elemental living in an extraordinary place.

Royal Indian Jungle Safari With CCAfricaThe variety of Indian wildlife and their diversity of habitat types are unmatched in the world. The mountain lakes, seas, deserts and forests of all types from temperate to topical make it truly a nature's wide spectrum.

Both Tigers and the Lion are found here. There are fourteen species of cats that includes marbled cat, leopard, clouded leopard, snow leopard, lynx, caracal to name just a few. The forests harbour eight different species of deer, which enrich the faunal value to delight a naturalist. Also to be found are the one horned rhinoceros, elephants and wild buffaloes, wild oxen called Gaur. Black bucks roam the wild open plains and gazelles and antelopes in the broken landscape of the desert. The jungle abound in primates, languor, and macaques.

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About 1250 bird's species transform the forest into a wonderland by their bright plumage and sweet melodious calls. The list of Indian wildlife is endless.

In India the experience of these pristine sites is by open jeeps, canter, elephants, boat, cycles, or on foot.

The flora is equally rich in evergreen forests in Assam and the western Ghats, where there is a bewildering variety of plants, the moist deciduous of central India and Himalayan foothills, the alpine pasture in the Himalayas and Nilgiris. Dry deciduous forests teem with animal life and have bright flowering trees that add variety and color. The wet lands have unique plant life and suitably adapted animals. These areas are true nature paradise destinations.


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